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Library movers usa...  we are industry veterans at library moving for all types of library furnishings, shelving and complex storage systems.

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Managing a library moving project is a complex process.  At Library Movers USA, we have a proven history of helping customers efficiently work through their library relocation process. Our team of professionals will help guide you through the planning, moving, and installation stages.

David gomez, account manager, south texas

David Gomez has been with Library Movers USA for ten years, bringing extensive experience in media, shelving and furniture sales, along with renovations and relocation projects.

donna ware, administrator 

Donna Ware is an accomplished accountant who brings years of experience and knowledge to Library Design Systems. 


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"As our business is that of a service provider, we are committed to working directly with our customers from the early planning phase to the final stage. All successful moves can only be accomplished through detailed planning, customer involvement and keen awareness of the customer's needs and expectations."

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FRED BAUCOm, president

Fred Baucom is an industry veteran with more than thirty years of extensive knowledge for library furnishings, reconfigurations, moves and relocations.

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