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Library Design Systems

library moving is a complicated process. we can assist with all the details for moving your library furniture, shelving & collections.

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​Need help furnishing your library?

We can help.

Visit www.librarydesignsystems.com

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  • Collection Marking & Tagging
  • Storage Planning
  • Security & Protection of Property
  • ​Teardown, Installation, Moving, Reconfiguration Services 
  • ​Service and Repairs
  • Disaster Restoration

With more than twenty-seven years in the Materials Management Industry, Library Movers USA, is a proven leader for library moving, specialty storage installation, and library relocation services. Proudly serving the Private, Public and Institutional Libraries throughout the USA.  

​There are many different specialized phases when planning a library move. Here's where Library Movers USA excels:

We invite you to learn more about us and how we will help make your move a painless and positive experience.


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our service history......

Library Movers USA, Inc. has never defaulted on any contract or been involved in any claim or litigation concerning non-performance of a contract.

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  • Site Surveys
  • Move Consultation
  • Budgeting & Estimating
  • On-Site Management
  • Project Planning
  • ​Inventory Services
  • ​Auction Services**  

Our seasoned team of Move Experts offers this guarantee for all our customers and projects:

  • Familiar with call number classifications and order systems.
  • Experienced with all types of static, mobile and high-density storage/shelving systems.
  • Experts library shelving movers who can handle the teardown, moving, and installation of shelving, storage systems and furnishings.
  • Adherence to site security and safety. 
  • Our team members are easily identified by uniforms