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planning and moving your library collections

what sets library movers usa apart from the other movers? 

our focus is serving libraries, museums, media centers and other customers with complex storage needs.

and, we are the only national company that can manage the move of your furnishings and the move of your collection.

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During his career, Bill Overton  has moved over 500 libraries totaling approximately 50 million books.  Not only has he handled national library sales but he also prepared move schedules, organized the moves and supervised the projects from start to finish.  Bill is a firm believer that the success of a move is directly related to the extent of the planning process.

Library Movers USA and Overton & Associates have partnered together to provide a complete, streamlined and systematic move for the library furnishings and collections.  Both require different areas of expertise. This partnership will provide you with the most comprehensive scope of service for your project. We guarantee it!

From orientation to completion each person that is involved in the move must understand the importance of a misplaced book. Accuracy is critical and the methodology should be simple and easy to understand.  At Overton & Associates we specialize solely in moving libraries. Bill Overton says: “a library is a different kind of customer.  Each library move is unique and will have its own complications. Understanding these complications is what we do best."  Our Collection Move Services will include:

  • Measure and map the entire collection
  • Develop and devise a fill ratio system
  • Anticipate and determine the growth rates for each collection
  • Generate spreadsheets that can easily be modified should the shelving layout change in the future
  • Collection segregation / integration
  • Label every shelf during the project thus increasing accuracy in the move and limiting shelving errors